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About DOMO


Domo Housing Solutions (DHS) was founded in response to the unprecedented mass displacement of Ukrainian families as a result of the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Domo provides “net-zero” disaster relief housing in a responsible, resilient, and sustainable way giving those in need safe refuge in a village-like setting with units that are Rapidly Deployable Modular Flat Packed, and reusable for 20+ years.

Domo is an innovative, sustainable, and resilient, flat-packed solution for refugees and affordable housing solutions, specially developed for the purpose of long-period usage (20 +years) anywhere where there is a need for large volumes of accommodation, first aid, medical, schools, community buildings, barracks, homeless shelters, disaster relief homes, and shelters.

The buildings are uniquely developed for easy and quick set up by local communities and are transported flat packed. They are made of EPS sandwiched between two sheets of fiberglass skin extremely strong and are recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.

DOMO’s mandate is to build sustainable and affordable homes around the world in partnership with local communities as we work together to address the continuing global housing shortage. Domo local partners will assist homebuyers to build their own homes and access affordable mortgages.

DOMO housing solutions will reflect sustainable local styles and traditions found in the communities wherever the houses are built. We are committed to ensuring the same exact standards are employed irrespective of where our projects are located.

Domo’s guiding principles are:   


Domo Tiny Homes are designed to meet the growing demand for minimalism, high-quality materials, and increased functionality. Domo Tiny Homes solutions represent the latest in modular construction innovation, with a focus on rethinking functionality and making the most out of small living spaces. They are large enough for the homeowner’s family’s needs but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs affordable.

DOMO uses quality, locally available building materials. Habitat home designs reflect the local climate and culture.


The concept of local partner enablement allows for the utilization of volunteer labor and community partner family involvement, efficient building methods, modest house sizes, and no-profit loans making it affordable for low-income families to purchase Domo houses.


Domo’s team is currently collaborating with our counterparts in Poland in identifying suitable sites for the establishment of local self-sufficient communities for the ever-increasing numbers of Ukrainian refugees. This will reduce the burden on existing infrastructure, while simultaneously fast-tracking the integration of the refugees within the broader Polish community.


Domo is an affordable, flat packed modular housing solution, specially developed for the purpose of long period usage anywhere where is a need for handling large scale lodging and replaces tents in a village like setting so often used in refugee camps.


Domo units were developed with the aim of being a mobile solution for the housing market and specifically in the temporary-building or for refugees. Factory built, flat packed and designed to be set up and used within hours of delivery to the community village – even built using community labor. In addition there is no real limitation to the number of times it can be taken down and re-erected. The size of the units vary from 12m2 to 65m2.


Provide off grid power and medium-term accommodation, school classrooms, toilet and shower facilities etc. for Ukrainian families that are in need of shelter and to provide regional manufacturing jobs wherever the families have been displaced in Poland, Romania and other countries.

DOMO – Cat5-IHS is prepared to continue assisting the hosting countries that are sheltering refugees to ensure that the refugee needs are protected and always met with dignity so relief agencies can switch from the current way of providing refugee shelters, to providing long term sustainable, resilient and movable housing solutions. Cat5-Blue houses (C5BH) are designed as dignified and sustainable homes with a 200-square-foot footprint and an open floor plan of around 300 square feet including the mezzanine bedroom. These homes include a solar panel roof, a full bathroom, a mini kitchen, a full bedroom and a living/sleeping area. C5BH can also operate completely off-grid where local power is not available. When it comes to the DOMO – DGNTY, we will always ready to build the C5BH TINY HOMES and help assemble then in a Village like settings including solar power energy, with batteries, inverters, and charge controllers, using 90% community labor and erected in less than one day. The DOMO Sustainable Integrated Community Village Solutions also includes Local Shops, School Classrooms, Health and Community Centers, Animal Shelters, Childcare Centers, Houses of Worship, kids play areas, and much more. These communities also contain Environmental-friendly farming and portable power technologies to provide a long-term and secure food and clean water supply.


Domo has designed the TINY HOMES to be erected in villages as can be see here.
DOMO Community Village also includes Local Shops, School Classrooms, Health and Community Centers, Animal Shelters, Childcare Centers, Houses of Worship, kids play areas and much more. These communities will also contain Environmental-friendly farming and portable power technologies to provide a long-term and secure food and water supply.
In addition there will be on line technical training centers to teach the refugees and the teenage children, skills they will need to later become self-sufficient and integrate with local communities.

The homes are arranged in “Pods” of 5-7 homes with a septic tank for collection of waste water. A microgrid is also set up for each Pod to share energy needs amongst the homes.
The basic TINY HOME is designed for 4 people with one or two 10 m2 extensions erected on either side of the TINY HOME to accommodate an additional 2 people in each extension.
Only emergency vehicles are allowed into the village so the children, that are the majority of its residents, can run around and play safely.
Portable water will be available to each home and all relief agency supplies will be delivered to a central community building location for distribution to the community.

How are DOMO homes made

  • Modular Buildings constructed from Fiberglass Reinforced Fire Retardant Structural Insulated Panel (FRSIP).
  • The fiberglass skin adds substantial strength to the EPS with average loads of Transverse Loads 335PSI, Racking Sheer Loads of 2,685 kgs and Axial Loads of 6700 kgs
  • The industry is already Established for Structural Insulated Panels but Cat5 offers a Fire Retardant SIP (UL Class II Fire Rated). A Brand New Standard Passive Component
  • Creates wall/floor/roof panels of ultra-high energy efficiency to minimize energy consumption in low cost, flat packed, rapid erection building/housing units
  • Panel consists of a thin fiberglass skin used to encase an expanded polystyrene insulation core.
  • 40% lighter than a rough traditional panel and up to 70% lighter than a finished traditional panel.
  • Skin is approved Class II CAN/ULC Fire Rating, no further finishing required other than paint.
  • Available in standard thicknesses of 1, 4, and 6 inches using 45kgm3 EPS foam
  • Section dimensions up to 40 feet in length and up to 10 feet in width.