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Domo Disaster Recovery Ltd. Announces Red Cross Approval for Ukraine Refugee Housing

London, United Kingdom, August 9, 2022, Domo Disaster Recovery Ltd. (“DOMO”) and Cat5 Building Systems (“Cat5”) are pleased to announce that the Red Cross of Poland have officially endorsed the DOMO Blue house as being suitable for use by Ukrainian Refugees in Poland. Following the unprovoked Russian attack on Ukraine civilians, with over 7 million Ukrainians displaced and an additional 6 million Ukrainians forced to flee their country. Domo has set out to provide dignified sustainable housing solutions for refugees internally displaced families.

Come visit us at the World Ukraine Summit in October in Rzeszow where you can see first-hand our sample Blue House.

Our Domo Blue House can be disassembled in a few hours and transported flat-packed to a new location. We hope that this will be back to Ukraine after the war is over to their old towns whilst new permanent homes are built for them. The homes are designed to last for 20 years and can be disassembled and rebuilt multiple times.

From the outset, DOMO’s mandate was to break the mold when it comes to the provision of sustainable housing for refugees and IDPs alike. We have brought together an eclectic group of like-minded experts from around the globe as we work together with our local partners to provide Sustainable, Resilient, and Innovative Housing solutions, not in camps but in integrated community “Village” settings. Our solutions enable and provide for cool housing in the summer and warm houses in the very cold winters and can be erected in less than a day. Each factory can produce up to 60 homes a day the house will include solar power in the form of microgrids to power the units.

DOMO will work with our growing team from Cat5 Building Systems, ENERGYRA Solar Solutions (ESS), James W Turner Construction (JWTC), and Phase One Consulting as we strive to deliver the most cost-effective, sustainable housing solutions for those most in need.

With your continued support, we can achieve real results


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